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Beauty 911! You need to be fresh-faced now and you’re a bit light on cash. No need to stress (really, it causes wrinkles) because DermaLaser has Dysport. A new alternative to Botox, Dysport has been all the rage in Europe for almost 20 years, and two million smooth-faced Euros can’t be wrong. Dysport is Ideal for softening moderate to severe frown lines with super speedy results – most clients see a visible difference in 24 – 48 hours. Who knew thrifty can look so fab!

Dermalaser Med Spa Top Medical Spa for all of your Aesthetic Skin Care needs,is pleased to provide Dysport Injection Treatments as an alternative to BOTOX Cosmetic Injections for our clients.

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Discover The Dysport Difference

Dysport is very similar to Botox® Cosmetic. They are both from the same drug family, Abobotulinum Toxin A. However, there are some differences. Dysport can be more cost effective as the cost per unit is less; though, Dysport requires more units per treatment. Clinical studies have also shown visible results within 24-48 hours. There is also evidence that Dysport injections may be more effective with large muscle groups.

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Before Dysport Injection

  • Ingestion of alcoholic beverages prior to treatment can increase the chances of bruising and/or swelling.
  • No anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Vioxx,
    etc.), aspirin, Vitamin E, or Ginko Biloba one week prior to treatment. This will reduce the possible side effects of bruising and/or swelling in area(s) of treatment.
  • You cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding to receive treatment.
  • You cannot be allergic to eggs or egg products to receive treatment.

After Dysport Injection

  • Do not lie down for 2 to 4 hours following treatment.
  • Facial exercises (squint/frown/smile) are strongly recommended in the treated area for one hour after injection.
  • Avoid manipulation of treated area for a minimum of four hours.
  • By following the above measures you will minimize the occurrence of ptosis (droopy eyelids), bruising, and less than optimal outcomes.
  • Common side effects include a slight headache lasting a few hours up to 48 hours, and temporary bruising and/or swelling.

Dysport Treatment Follow Up

  • Treatment effect will take 1 to 5 days.
  • Benefits of treatment may last 3 to 6 months; the average is 4 months.
  • Please inform the office if the resolution of the lines has not taken effect in 10 days. Additional unit of Dysport may be necessary to achieve desired result.
  • Follow up treatments should be scheduled prior to return of full movement of muscle, usually at three months.
  • Consistent repeated treatments will produce the best resolution of wrinkles.

Dysport - Q&A

  • What can Dysport do for you?

    Whenever you laugh, frown, concentrate or squint into the sun, your facial muscles contract and your skin creases. As you get older your skin loses its elasticity and those creases deepen into lines that become permanently etched on your face. Frown lines between your eyes can become particularly noticeable at a relatively young age, making you look angry or worried even when you’re not.

    At Dermalaser with Dysport we will temporarily immobilize the muscles you use to frown. Dysport can smooth out those lines, restoring a more youthful, less stressed expression to your face. Because you will be physically unable to frown after treatment, you may even lose the urge to frown. The lasting effect of treatment with Dysport can differ between individuals after which further courses of treatment may be necessary. Speak with Dr. Decio Carvalho ay Dermalaser in Doral about the results you can expect with Dysport.

    Many people find after several treatments that they don’t need another one for longer, because they have “unlearned” the habit of frowning or squinting that originally led to the development of these lines.

  • What exactly is Dysport?

    Miami - Dysport is a protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The protein was initially used for the treatment of motor disorders and various kinds of involuntary muscular spasms, including cerebral palsy. It was further developed to treat a wide variety of neuromuscular disorders, for which it is licensed in over 60 countries.

    In New Zealand, Dysport now has registration approval under the Medicines Act for the treatment of frown lines and for excessive sweating under the armpits, Hyperhidrosis treated at Dermalaser - Doral

  • How is Dysport used?

    At Dermalaser we use tiny amounts of Dysport that are injected directly into the facial muscles underlying the frown lines. It usually takes three to five small, almost painless injections between the eyebrows for an effective treatment. No local anesthetic is usually required but if you are concerned Dr. Decio Carvalho can numb the skin over the area before injecting. You can expect treatment to take around 10-20 minutes.

    Over the next few days, the muscles gradually relax. You probably won’t notice it happening – you’ll just become aware that you can’t contract your frown muscles. But because you can still blink normally and raise your eyebrows, you will not look unnatural. Rather, you can enjoy a more youthful appearance while maintaining a natural expression which is what we stive for at Dermalaser Med Spa - Miami.

  • Who can benefit from Dysport?

    Deeply etched frown lines affect not just your appearance, but also your self-esteem and even your choice of career. Dysport can help you look younger, more relaxed and in control – for around the same price per month as a cut and colour by your hairdresser.

    At Dermalaser many people with frown lines can benefit from Dysport – and it can work as well for men as it does for women. In fact many men are already experiencing the benefits of a younger, more relaxed looking appearance that Dysport can provide. Discuss with your specialist at Dermalaser Med Spa about the benefits of Dysport in Miami

  • Are there any side effects and risks with Dysport?

    Along with its desired effects, treatments can cause unwanted effects. This does not happen very often. The most common side effects are temporary soreness or mild bruising around the injection site. Some people may experience a slight headache that lasts for several hours after treatment; it is safe to take a mild pain killer to relieve this.

    In a very small percentage of cases there can be a complication called “ptosis” (a drooping eyelid) which may last a few days or up to 4 weeks. Rarely, an allergic reaction can cause a skin rash or “flu like” symptoms. Tell your doctor if you experience any troublesome side effects.

    You should not have Dysport treatment while you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or at all if you have a neuromuscular disease.

  • Who can provide treatment with Dysport?

    Dermalaser Doral - Dysport is a prescription medicine containing 500 units of Clostridium botulinum type A toxin-haemagglutinin complex. It should be administered only by medical professionals, who have an excellent understanding of the muscles and expressions of the face and the skill to retain your natural expression while removing the signs of aging.

    Tell your doctor at Dermalaser what you expect to achieve in advance, be guided by their advice, Dr. Decio Carvalho is a specialist who has been properly trained in the use of Dysport.

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