Meet Marisol Morales

Marisol Morales - Founder - Dermalaser

The creative force driving the Dermalaser brand is Marisol Morales, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for skin care and beauty services. Mother, wife, friend or businesswoman – Marisol keeps up quite the balancing act, loving all aspects of her life.

Spearheaded by Marisol’s keen sense of service and customer needs, what started as a hobby for personal growth and catering only to a few friends and family members soon evolved into the prospering business and passion that is Dermalaser Med Spa. Marisol’s multifaceted skillset and inherent ability to connect with people paved the way for a small business to thrive in an extremely competitive market.

Today, Dermalaser Med Spa, with its philosophy of “balance and betterment” is a boutique medical spa in Doral, delivering a great experience that fuses science and innovation with aesthetics and customer-satisfaction. We will soon be opening our second location to better serve our broad client base that comes from all over the greater Miami area.

The success of Dermalaser is a testament to Marisol’s passionate energy that has been at the heart of every decision in the business.

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