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At Dermalaser in Doral, it’s not only about having the latest technology and the most skilled Skincare specialists in Miami. Yes, we want to help you look good but we want you to feel even better.

A massage from Dermalaser is a natural, holistic method of treating the body and mind to a total state of well being. Massage improves circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. Massage relieves muscle tension, increases flexibility and mobility and it lifts the spirit.

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Reiki Massage

Combining the spiritual power and energy from our Reiki master plus traditional massage treatments for an unbelievable experience.

Swedish massage

a massage that manipulates the body using long and short strokes, increasing circulation as it relieves tension and leaves you feeling smooth and supple with out stress.

Hot stone

The hot stone massage is a unique method of using warm, smooth rocks to massage the body to release stress and to induce the mood of relaxation. The heat of the stones soothes the muscles and melts away all knots. It's a heavenly addition for massage aficionados.


This luxurious and relaxing massage stimulates your sense of smell and your body's response to touch. Our therapists at Dermalaser incorporate effleurage and long, relaxing strokes that disperse the essential oils all over your skin. The essential oils that we use in this aromatherapy massage; includes Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rose Geranium.

Lymphatic drainage

A lymph draining massage is a specialized full body technique used to decrease swelling in the extremities. This massage is also highly recommended post-liposuction surgery. It is also good for weight loss because it improves circulation which helps to increase metabolism.

Sports massage

The sports massage skillfully uses trigger points to release lactic acids that's trapped in the muscles during exercise. It also includes compressions and strokes to reduce fatigue and reenergize the body. The sports massage is recommended before or after exercise/physical activity.

Reducing massage

Deep tissue

Helps restore structural balance using long slow strokes to affect deep tissue muscle layers and their surrounding fascia, or connective tissue.


A massage therapist specializing in reflexology applies specific techniques to target reflexes, or zones, on the feet that correspond to the entire body. This treatment helps restore balance in the body, eliminates toxins, stimulates internal organ function and promotes deep relaxation. Reflexology is commonly used to help with stress/anxiety, migraines, insomnia, and PMS.

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