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Sublime / ReFirme Skin Tightening - Miami

Sublime / Refirme - Skin tightening

Dermalaser at Doral provides skin tightening / wrinkle reduction procedures for men and woman in Miami using our Emax from Syneron, considered the complete aesthetic solution with Sublime / Refirme. Sublime / Refirme uses the revolutionary Elos technology or electrical-optical synergy, which incorporates a combination of bi-polar radio frequencies with infrared light energy. With this cutting edge technology Dermalaser at Doral will help remove years off of your appearance by treating loose and sagging skin around your eyes, neck and jaw. Your skin will tighten; light wrinkles will disappear giving you a more youthful look.

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Try Sublime / ReFirme, with the time reversing effects of a Photofacial, or other procedures to intensify your results for that ultimate youthful glow. Just ask your skincare specialist for more information.

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Sublime / Refirme Skin Tightening - Q&A

  • Where can Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening - wrinkle reduction be used?

    Dermalaser performs Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening /wrinkle reduction treatments on crow’s feet, brow lines, smile lines, jowls, neck, and other problematic areas on the face and neck. The treatment itself may also be used on the abdomen, upper arms, and knees, but Dermalaser specializes in treating the face and eye region for men and woman.

  • What are the benefits of Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening and wrinkle reduction?

    Sublime / ReFirme utilizes the revolutionary elos technology to create a younger, more toned skin. Using the Sublime / ReFirme treatment plan, patients will see cumulative results that include but are not limited to: wrinkle reduction, increased skin laxity and an overall improvement in the texture and tightness of the skin. The precision heating technology limits the recovery time for a relatively painless and safe procedure.

  • How Does Sublime / Refirme skin tightening /wrinkle reduction Work?

    As an ELOS procedure, Sublime / Refirme uses a combination of bi-polar radio frequencies with infrared light energy to heat the deep dermal tissue and promote collagen growth. This natural collagen is critical to skin elasticity and firmness, so treated skin will soon take on a tighter, more youthful appearance.

  • What is the typical treatment plan?

    Dermalaser at Doral advises that patients schedule between 3 and 5 treatments, depending on the severity and visibility of their wrinkles. The treatments typically last about 45 minutes and should be scheduled 3 and 4 weeks apart for men and woman in Miami.

  • Is the Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening - wrinkle reduction treatment painful?

    ELOS technology is designed to elicit little to no pain, most patients in Miami who come to Dermalaser at Doral, tolerate the treatment quite comfortably, but for those who may be more sensitive, topical anesthetic and cold compresses can be applied.

  • Is Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening - wrinkle reduction right for me?

    While the results vary from person to person, ReFirme provides a non-invasive solution for anyone experiencing skin laxity, wrinkled skin, sagging skin, or textural irregularities. If you are concerned about your candidacy and live in Miami or are simply visiting, call Dermalaser at Doral to schedule a free consultation to discuss a Sublime / ReFirme skin tightening - wrinkle reduction treatment plan.

  • Are there any side effects and what is the recovery time of Sublime / Refirme?

    Some patients that have undergone treatments for skin tightening / wrinkle reduction at Dermalaser using Sublime / Refirme have reported some redness, whiteness and/or swelling. This typically goes away within a couple of hours but could last a day or longer. No significant recovery time is needed.

  • How long do the laser Sublime / Refirme skin tightening - wrinkle reduction results last?

    Results vary from person to person depending on various factors. Some patients who complete their full series of treatments may experience results lasting two years or more, others may require a touch up treatment every six months to year to maintain their results.

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